Tuesday, June 9, 2015


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We are so happy to learn that Jess Jones of Warner Robins, GA is at Tennessee, but we still remember meeting him at an Augusta tourney in 2006 when he was just TEN YEARS OLD. Likewise, Kendal Woodard of Stockbridge, GA is a senior?? at Georgia Tech but we still remember meeting her at Laurel Park in 2006 when she was just TWELVE YEARS OLD.

How is it possible that Will Baird of Raleigh, NC is at Presbyterian College when we still remember meeting him at the Southern Cup at Champions Club in Chattanooga, TN in 2007 when he was just TWELVE YEARS OLD?? We could go on & on...but how about one more: It's almost impossible to believe that Alex Santiago of Isle of Palms, SC playing tennis @ the University of San Francisco when we still remember meeting him at the Midcourt Cup in Charlotte, NC in 2007 when he was just TEN YEARS OLD!!

It is just amazing that so many of our friends are growing up. I know, I know---parents go through this all the time, but WE'RE NOT PARENTS, lol!! 
If you think it's bittersweet for YOU, just imagine how it feels when dozens of them turn to us & say "Bye-Bye, HIGH-TECH TENNIS. Thanks for the videos!"

We have what amounts to a "6 YEAR WINDOW" in which we have a real opportunity to help these players achieve their goals...whatever those goals may be. Some players want to win more matches to improve their ranking, some want to attend a Regional Player Development Camp & some (recruits) just want to get on the radar with the coach at the college of their dreams. NO MATTER WHAT THEIR GOAL IS, WE WANT TO HELP - but we kinda hate to see them grow up & jump out of the nest.

For whatever the reason, we (I-not Danny) connect with some of these kids. FOR EXAMPLE, there's this kid: His name is Zachary Smith, he lives in New Orleans, LA & I met him when he was about 8?? at Little Mo Regionals in 2009.
Check out that little beauty Maya Smith...
way to strike the pose :)
zach and maia
Check out Me&Maya last summer:
BACK TO ZACHARY SMITH: I can't really explain why because I'm not necessarily a "kid" person but I just love this kid. Can't put my fingers on all the pics I've taken during interactions that are always F-U-N, but how about this one from the Mobile Regional Tourney in 2013:
He's growing right up, isn't he? In fact, he just turned 13yo on February 20 & look how tall he was at the Mobile Regional Tourney just a few weeks later:
His dad told me the most amazing story of remaining friends with this man (BOB-now 75yo) after he provided housing for him during a tournament in 1974 when he was a student at Tulane. Zach's father (Jeff) has been to every baptism & every wedding for each of Bob's children & the families remain close to this day. ISN'T THAT A GREAT STORY????
Finally, one more interesting tidbit about my friend Zach: He's going to spend 5 weeks in Israel for his bar mitzvah (?) & he's going to play tennis with the Israeli Tennis Federation!!! So he'll be jumping out of the nest before we know it---Sad but true. The reality of it is that we have a "SIX YEAR WINDOW" to impact their lives, but some of the players impact our lives just as much, if not more.




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